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Vital statistics
romanji name nura rikuo
kanji name 奴良 リクオ
english name no information
race human (day)

yokai (night)

birth date September 23, 1997
age no information
gender male
height 148 cm (human)

175 cm (yōkai)

weight 48 kg (human)

66 kg (yōkai)

eyes brown (human)

red (yokai)

hair chocolate (human)

white-black (yokai)

affiliation Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol
occupation no information
relatives Nurarihyon (grandfather)
  • Yōhime (grandmother)
  • Wakana Nura (mother)
  • Rihan Nura (father)
first appearance
manga debut Act 1
anime debut Episode 1
Seiyū Jun fukuyama

Eri kitamura (young)

Rikuo nura is of 1/3 human and 1/4 yokai blood. He lives in a large complex full of yokai within the Nura Clan with his mother wakana nura and his grandfathers is nurarihyon ans youhime and his father was rihan nura. He transform into human form during the day starting at morning, but then turns willingly into a yokai at night.



human formEdit


When in human form his eye color and hair is brown, and he has no markings beneath his eyes. He also wears glasses, but appears to not ned them since he can still see farther than glasses could assist him thanks to his demon blood. He has a regular school and hangs out in a Yokai Research & Investigation club with his human friends. His personality is kind of weak willed at school, but when amongst his clan, he is strong willed and does not hesitate to give orders. He usually wears red clothes and a blue yukata with a black kimono tied with white string[?]as well as his school uniform. His neighbors are kana ienaga and yura usami.

yokai formEdit

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