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Vital statistics
romanji name kubinashi
kanji name 首無
english name headless
race yokai
birth date june 15
age no information
gender male
height 168
weight 63
eyes amber
hair yellow


affiliation nura clan
occupation no information
relatives kejoro

ryota neko

first appearance
manga debut Act 1
anime debut episode 1
Seiyū takahiro sakurai

kubinashi is a yokai with a floating head and don't have any neck. he like to do laundry and brooming in nura house.


  • kejoro
  • yuki onna
  • rikuo nura
  • kappa
  • aotabo
  • kurotabo
  • ryota neko
  • natto kozo
  • yokai's
  • and many more...


he appears to be human in the episode when the first time rikuo and tamazuki meets. and in the other episodes he still become a yokai.

human formEdit

294px-Kubinashi 001

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