Kana ienaga
Vital statistics
romanji name kana ienaga
kanji name 家長 可奈
english name no information
race human
birth date June 23, 1997
age no information
gender female
height 152 cm
weight 39 kg
eyes brown
hair brown-pink
affiliation Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol
occupation no information
relatives rikuo nura

yura usami

first appearance
manga debut act 1
anime debut episode 1
Seiyū aya hirano

kana ienaga is an old friend of rikuo nura and his neighbor. she is only an ordinary human that dosen't believe yokai.


  • rikuo nura
  • yura keikain
  • maki saori
  • torii natsumi
  • kyotsugu kyojuji
  • jirou shima



she always appears in human form.

human form

she is only an ordinary girl that dosen't believe to yokai. her personality is shy,afraid of yokai and weak. her hair color is brown-pink (top) and black (bottom) and her eyes is brown. she loves to use pink clothes and fashionery clothes and ofcourse she is often to use her school uniform.she always bring mirror everytime she goes out.



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