Two men swear to eliminate the third heir.

At the school Yura apologises to Kana for not being strong enough to protect her, however after being saved by the Nurarihyon Kana feels like there may be some good Youkai out there after all while Yura as an Omnyouji considers it a disgrace and resolves to defeat him. Torii and Maki come and get them for the meeting that Kiyotsugu is holding, just as he’s about to make an announcement they realise that Rikuo isn’t here. Due to the battle fight with Kyuuso, Rikuo now has a fever and is now resting with Kubinashi and Keijourou looking after him, Zen comes to visit him and belittles how he got sick so easily even though he’s physically weak himself. He goes on to ask whether Rikuo can remember anything that happened when he transformed and tells him how he wants that man to become the leader of the clan. Just as he’s about to leave Yuki-Onna barges and tries to apologise for being at school without him, but Rikuo’s fever is a bit too hot for her. On one of the porches Rikuo’s grandfather talks with Daruma and Hitsumide about how Kyuuso may have been influenced by someone against Rikuo succeeding him, he asks Gyuuki about it who thinks that he may have the skills needed but due to only being a Youkai for a quarter of the day is still unsure. Yuki-Onna nurses Rikuo and when he calls out to her Kana and the members of the Kiyo Cross arrive, Yuki-Onna comes back with Rikuo’s medicine and is shocked as they are seeing her to see everyone here, sending a chill through the room. They cover up what happened as she gives him his medicine, and Kiyotsugu announces that the Kiyo Cross will be going on a trip to meet with a Youkai expert at Umerakuen. Hitsumide chuckles when he hears this. While he sits on a swing in a playground, Rikuo’s grandfather asks Karasu Tengu to investigate any possible leads so he agrees to send his foolish sons, the Sanga-Garasu to do so, as he ponders what will come of it Rikuo’s grandfather runs off to sneak into a house for a quick snack.

Kana thinks about how Tsurara, or Yuki-Onna was looking after Rikuo and how she was somehow bothered by it, also seeing a flash of Rikuo’s night form. She gets a phone call from Rikuo who asks her what a normal girl would pack while Yuki-Onna is busy packing her bag with bags of ice, Kana hears her voice in the background so Rikuo hastily hangs up. His mother has heard of Umerakuen somewhere before but can’t remember it, and the ice the Yuki-Onna packed has melted. One the train ride there the Kiyo Cross play a game of Youkai Poker that Kiyo came up with and Rikuo seems to win every match with the Nurarihyon card, Yuki-Onna looks at him with admiration which makes Kana wonder what’s going on between them, and Yura prepares herself in case there are Youkai there. In order to tag along Aotabou clings to the roof of the train. They finally arrive and set off up the mountain to meet the expert at the Umewakamaru Shrine, both Kana and Shima seem a little envious of how Kana and Tsurara are getting along. They continue up the mountain where they notice a name in the distance which Rikuo reads as Umewakamaru. Yura’s suspicions grow and Rikuo and Yuki-Onna are certain that there are Youkai here, a figure approaches them which turns out to be the expert that Kiyotsugu organised to meet. Rikuo asks him about Umewakamaru and he says that in the legends about Youkai here, he’s the hero of the mountain. Karasu Tengu receives the report from his sons which they heard from the crows in Ukiyoe town, as things take a more ominous approach on the mountain when they reach a clearing. There are claws embedded along the trees as evidence of the Youkai here and the expert leads them to Umewakamaru. Rikuo’s grandfather calls Karasu Tengu for a drink as he’s about to deliver the report when Rikuo’s mother mentions Umerakuen he spits up his drink and calls out for his foolish sons. On the mountain the group head on to a statue of spider with a cows head, the expert explains how Umewakamaru was once known by another name and that there was a Youkai that attacked lost travelers along with that the mountain was once named Mount Nejireme. Rikuo and Yuki-Onna immediately recognise this as Gyuuki. Meanwhile one of Gyuuki’s disciples from the start of the episode, Mezumaru informs Gyuuki that the prey has arrived. At Rikuo’s house Rikuo’s mother is happy since Gyuuki will give Rikuo and his friends a warm welcome however Rikuo’s grandfather has his doubts about this, Hitsumide learns that Gyuuki manipulated Kyuuso and sits back to watch. Back on the mountain the expert is pulled by strings from above by Gyuuki’s other disciple, Gozumaru.