With her shikigami familiar, Tanrou, Yura rips through the rats, however Kyuuso had already won by distracting her as he approaches while commenting on things have turned out, using this to surround Kana with rats. He then uses this to force Yura into calling off Tanrou and takes the chance to slap her. At Rikuo’s house some of the Youkai are having dinner and Kurotabou meets Kubinashi on the balcony outside. Kubinashi is certain the rat is from the Kyuuso clan and Kuratabou tells him how they took power from the Bakeneko clan along with asking what happened between Kubinashi and Ryota-Neko, the Bakeneko head. He walks off before answering so Kuratabou explains to Yuki-Onna how the two of them used to get along and Aotabou knows how they wouldn’t have stood a chance. Meanwhile Ryota-Neko and some of his fellow clan members run from the rats, he can only watch as they sacrifice themselves so that he can get away. While Rikuo sits on the porch he’s approached by the gofer for the Kyuuso clan who tells him what happened to Kana and Yura, the two of them head off alone to save them with Natto tailing them since something doesn’t seem right. Once they get there the rats jump down and grab him. They drag Rikuo before Kyuuso, who introduces himself as his clans head and announces how the age of clans like the Nura clan is coming to an end. He shows him Kana and Yura and tells him that he’ll kill them if he doesn’t denounce his right to succeed the Nura clan. As he heads back Rikuo bumps into Ryota-Neko and the two of them hide as he apologises for allowing this to happen after being left in charge of First Street. Back at Kyuuso’s place one of the rats asks what they are going to do with them and Kyuuso kills him with a single punch, Yura wakes up and Kyuuso tells her that she’s nothing more than a normal girl with no one coming to save her without her shikigami. Karasu-Tengu can’t believe what Rikuo is going to do even with his reason, his grandfather comes in and tells them how he kicked the Kyuuso clan out, and expects Rikuo to settle this matter. He finds this difficult to do as he is and Ryota-Neko gets up to settle it, knowing full well that he’ll lose. Some of the Youkai run to help him and suddenly Rikuo’s body heats up, a wind blows from the Cherry Blossom tree as his night form descends and announces that they’ll be going rat hunting. Kyuuso steps into the cage and eats Yura’s tag right in front of her, suddenly the wall breaks in it’s place stands Rikuo with his Hyakki Yakkou at his back. As the dust clears Rikuo tears up the denouncement letter and Aotabou frees Kana and Yura, while she recognises the Youkai that’s come to save them as the Nurarihyon. The two groups charge in with all of the members of Rikuo’s Hyakki Yakkou handling them with ease. Ryota-Neko confronts Kyuuso alone who fully transforms. Kubinashi manages to block his full strike but it still gets him, while Kyuuso prepares to strike again Rikuo burns him alive with Meikyou Shisui “Sakura”, as his body is engulfed in the flames Kyuuso wishes to have lived more freely. Yura and Kan part ways with their saviors with Yura swearing to beat him next time and Kana feeling as if she’s seen him before.