The episode starts with a quick explanation of the Hyakki Yakkou and it’s leader, the Nurarihyon who was known as a Youkai commander.

After the opening theme it starts with Ienaga Kana having found the unconscious Yuki-Onna on the steps of a mountain. As Rikuo Nura confronts Gyuuki in his night form, who questions whether he is a different person from day to night before drawing his sword. Rikuo doesn’t even flinch answering that he’ll succeed his grandfather as they clash blades.

Before he heads off to school Rikuo requests that all of the Youkai who live in his mansion that they’re not to go near the old school building and runs off. He bumps into Gyuuki on his way out and leaves thinking of how scary he’s always been. His two retainers, Yuki-Onna and Aotabou wonder whether Gyuuki is trying to succeed the clan.

Gyuuki meets with the Nurarihyon and current head of the Nura clan, Rikuo’s grandfather who he talks to about Rikuo’s human side and how Youkai are meant to instill fear in humans. While on his way to school Rikuo hits away Karasu Tengu who was asking him about his intentions to succeed the clan. Once he gets to school he thinks about how he just wants to live normally and overhears Kana and her friends talking about how the abandoned school building being haunted. When the lunch break begins he meets up with his friends in the Kiyo Cross and it’s leader, Kiyotsugu informs them of the plan to check out the abandoned school building at night. Kana doesn’t believe in Youkai with Rikuo taking her side on this, Kiyotsugu simply thinks that this is a reason for her come along. Once night approaches Yuki-Onna gets ready while some of the other Youkai want her to play with them, Kubinashi lectures them, Rikuo is about to head off and his grandfather asks whether he intends to succeed him or not but he simply wants to live as a human. The members of the Kiyo Cross gather outside the building and Rikuo can’t help but get a bad feeling from it. Shima spots something and screams but it just turns out to some paintings, Rikuo spots some Youkai hiding which leads to him doing everything he can to hide them.

They continue to search the building and head to the kitchen, inside they see a figure of a Youkai chewing on something, it turns around and chases them so they all run out. Kana trips and Rikuo stays behind to help her but she faints since the Youkai is right next to them. Unable to protect her in his current condition, Rikuo starts to transform only for Aotabou and Yuki-Onna to smash in and save them. During a meeting of all the clans under the Nura clan, Rikuo’s grandfather is questioned on his decision to stand in as the temporary head but he insists that his successor will be his grandson. This is argued against since he had only awakened once four years ago and Gyuuki argues that Rikuo will someday be ready to lead. Back at the school building Aotabou and Yuki-Onna deal with the attacking Youkai with ease. Then they reveal to Rikuo that they’ve been watching over him at school disguised as students and insist that he must succeed the clan, waiting for the day that he’ll awaken again even though he doesn’t remember it. Kana wakes up and they disappear, Rikuo assures her that there weren’t any Youkai and takes her back to his home. Rikuo’s mother brings them some tea and insists that she make herself at home.