Vital statistics
romanji name yuki onna (tsurara oikawa)
kanji name 雪女
english name snow woman
race yokai
birth date january 11
age no information
gender female
height 150 cm
weight no information
eyes amber
hair sky blue


affiliation nura clan

Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad

occupation no information
relatives rikuo nura


first appearance
manga debut act 1
anime debut episode 1
Seiyū yui horie

tsurara oikawa is a yuki onna yokai that always appears by rikuo's side. she goes to school same like rikuo so that she can protect rikuo when it is in erguent. actually she can cook, but her cook is chilled.


  • rikuo nura
  • jirou shima
  • maki saori
  • tori natsumi
  • kyotsugu kyojuji
  • yura keikain
  • toono yokai
  • nura clan


she appears to be human only to protect rikuo day and she appears to be yokai when she is not doing her job. (to protect rikuo day.)

human form


she joins rikuo wherever he goes. to school,and sometimes join kyotsugu's club. her personality is that she is always be cheerful and sometimes in the school she let her cold breath out. her hair is sky blue (top) and black (bottom) with a wavy colored black on the top of her hair. she use casual clothes and ofcourse school uniform.

yokai form


her hair is sky blue (top) and black (bottom) with a wavy black colored on the top of her hair. she use white kimono with diamond texture on the bottom of her kimono. she use ice to devence or protect.



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